The accommodation for the conference participants is booked in the residential halls of VŠB-TU Ostrava

Please note, that single rooms in Hotel Garni are full for this moment !!!

Hotel Garni Ostrava

Studentská 1770, 700 32 Ostrava - Poruba

The hotel is located in walking distance to the conference place, the downtown of Ostrava is easy accessible by public transport as well. Please follow instruction in Registration Form for the details about the booking this hotel accommodation. In case of interest in another accommodation or full of capacity in the Hotel Garni Ostrava it is available to make reservation in the hotels which participants solve alone.



Hotels available for accommodation in Ostrava

Here you can find maps that show you the location of your hotel and the closest tram stops (click on tram symbol). You should also see images of the hotels themselves to help you identify them from the street. To get specific tram timings please visit IDOS, there is an English button towards the right-hand bottom corner of the screen.

Imperial Hotel Ostrava

Tyršova 1250/6, 702 00 Ostrava 2

tram stop: Elektra


Clarion Congress Hotel Ostrava

Zkrácená 2703/84, 700 30 Ostrava – Zábřeh

tram stop: Sport Aréna


Harmony Club Hotel

28. října 170, 709 00 Ostrava – Mariánské Hory

tram stop: Dům Energetiky


Sareza Hotel

Čkalovova 6144/18, 708 00 Ostrava – Poruba

tram stop: Poruba Vozovna



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13-16 May 2019